Why Choose Our SpinDuct Cleaning Service.

Superior Maneuverability: The SpinDuct system uses RotoFlex-SweepingTM brushes to provide the best manueverability and cleaning efficiency possible. RotoFlex-SweepingTM brushes are designed to automatically adjust to the size of duct being cleaned. The SpinDuct system spins these flexible brushes at a high rpm. Centrifical force opens the brush diameter to the size of the duct. The SpinDuct includes three sized RotoFlex-SweepingTM brushes: Dryer Vent Size (adjusts 3-4″), Standard Duct Size (adjusts 4-18″), and Large Duct Size (adjusts 18-24″).

Negative Air vs. Rotary Brush: There are basically two methods of cleaning ductwork: Negative Air & Rotary Brush. Negative air has been around for decades. Negative air uses high powered vacuums with thousands of CFM to suck dirt from down the ductwork towards the vacuum. This type of system is good for large commercial and industry facilities. These places use ductwork so big, you can crawl through it. The ductwork is too big for brushes. Negative air will do a good job at removing loose dust & debris; however, will do a less effective job at removing contaminants stuck on the duct wall. Some negative air systems will have “Air Whips” that supposedly scrub the duct. However, air will not efficiently remove the contaminants on the ductwork. The air whips are randomly whipping around and air pressure significantly reduces every fraction of an inch away from the nozzle. Residential customers will check the work you have done. If they find contaminants stuck on the duct wall after cleaning, they will not be pleased! The Rotary Brush method uses a spinning brush that scrubs the ductwork to loosen contaminants and a vacuum system to suck away the debris. The rotary brush method is the preferred choice for residential & light commercial duct cleaners, because a brush will provide better scrubbing power and a better cleaning.